corona and ayurveda

Ayurveda, the old medical science of Indian origin dealing mainly with herbs and minerals

combined to form different formulation. Alas! The mighty nature has given the cure of all the

ailments right in our gardens and box of spices yet we search for the treatment worldwide. The

progression of any disease in one’s body is indicative of weak immune system or malfunctioning

of body itself. So basically, it’s only us and not the pathogen that has been treating us badly.

Yes! Here we are talking about Covid19 aka SARS CoV 2.

No pathogenic microbe can reside inside the body unless the body is too weak to guard itself,

immunity system has collapsed. Ancient India knew the very significance of this body in which

we reside and have always guided us to treat it like a temple and not like some cemetery or a

garbage bin. But we, so called advanced and fast generation is loosing hold on itself, grabbing

whatever we could and engulfing it without a second thought. And so having lunch in the fast

food chain franchise is the thing to boast about and bringing homemade lunch is a drag.

I find it very delightful that there are certain scientists who are working in the aim of finding the

treatment through the roots of Ayurveda. With the help of computational studies the interaction

between the viral protein and the constituents of the herbal ayurvedic products have been

analyzed. So, many herbs have come forth to prove the better interaction than the drugs like

Hydroxychloroquine. The mechanism of interaction and working is yet a mystery. All these

studies have even clarified the vision of Government of India, thus mentioning even on their

website to take Kadha and avoid animal products. In the lockdown, even Govt. advertised for the

intake of immunity boosters like geloy, tulsi, ginger, vasaka, clove, liquorice, etc. So many

research papers have been published about Ashwagandha, Yashtimadhu and Guduchi Pippal and

their effect on Covid 19. Ministry of Ayush have already send Ayush64 and preceeding three

drugs in the trials.

The main target proteins for corornavirus have been ACE2 and Spike. Curcumin and Stillbene

were found to act on both the proteins. And then there are numerous such studies hovering all

over the internet like bees letting us to acknowledge that taking the body and its immunity as a

serious business is the most important step we ignore each day making our body so weak to be

entrapped by the microbe.

All at the end sums up to one’s ability to defend and protect itself and the only way to do is not

letting our roots to detach and keeping our diet simple, plant- based and avoiding the packaged

food. Also working out either by regular exercise or yoga or any other physical activity of

choice. Because at last we do have two homes, one is the Earth and the other is our body and we

should be taking care of both.

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