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    It is not a body building mass gainer which works on increasing the calorie intake by carbohydrates. This is a fitness herbal powder solely works to increase the integrity of the body with powerful herbs in ayurveda. It contains Ashwagandha, Gokshura etc which balances the dhatus of the body and eventually the body will become powerful and fit. There are no side effects of this product it can be consumed by sportspersons, yoga enthusiasts, martial arts enthusiasts people with weak body and body builders it will help everyone to make their foundation of the human body strong and powerful.
    Exercise to tone up the muscles is recommended. Expect 3-6 kgs of weight

  • SLIM-X POWDER Weight reduction| GH AYURVEDA


    Slim X is a herbal formulation made specially to increase the metabolism and remove the toxins in the body. This is a very strong and effective ayurvedic powder it detoxifies the body and softens the belly fat. You can expect 2-6 Kg reduction in excess weight in 30 days. 20-40 minutes excercise is recommended to get sweat minimum.