Ortho Nil Powder Ingredients

Ortho Nil Powder Ingredients

Ortho Nil Powder


If you suffer from arthritis, joint pain, swelling stiffness, sciatica, back ache, Acro arthritis, cervical spondylitis, trembling of foot and hands then Ortho Nil Powder manufactured by Babaji Herbal Pharmacy is perfect for you. Ortho Nil Powder by Babaji Herbals is made up of high-quality herbal extracts and powders made in GMP facility located at Plot number 13, Vill Khuian, Sarovar, Dist Fazilkha, Punjab.

Refer the table below for composition of Ortho Nil Powder


175 mg

Shilajit Shudh




Mah Yograj Guggul


Tamra Bhasma


White Pine


Shankh Bhasma


Nut Grass


Osha Root




Yellow Dock


Slippery Elm




Celery seed extract


Red Clover




Black Cohosh








Buck Brush



Total 21 herbal ingredients are packed in one sachet of Ortho Nil Powder these ingredients include herbs sourced from North America and Europe also.

Ortho Nil  Powder is made from ashwagandha, Shudh shilajit and mahayograj guggul like great ayurvedic herbs of highest quality which effectively helps patient in joint pain and arthritis without any side effects.

Ortho Nil Powder is prepared following AYUSH guidelines purity of herbs ensures having a potent analgesic effect, the herbs present in this churna provide relief from joint pain and reduce joint swelling. This powder is very beneficial for those who are suffering from joint stiffness and joint pain. Enriched with various herbs, this Pure Herbs Joint Pain Ortho Nil Powder nourishes your joints and lubricates them to increase joint mobility.

Natural Approach of Ortho Nil Powder, No Side Effects:

Unlike many conventional medications, Ortho Nil Powder formulation are derived from natural sources and are generally considered safe with minimal side effects. By opting for Ortho Nil Powder, individuals can address their discomfort without worrying about the adverse effects associated with synthetic drugs.

A Comprehensive Solution:

Ortho Nil Powder just does not just alleviate the symptoms but also addresses the root causes of joint pain. By promoting overall joint health and nourishing the body, this formulation offers a comprehensive solution that supports long-term well-being.

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Ortho Nil Powder Benefits

• Reduces inflammation.

• Supports joint repair.

• Immunomodulatory action in rheumatoid arthritis.

• Relieves muscle spasms.

• Relieves morning stiffness.

• Improves grip strength and joint mobility.

• Prevents and improves degenerative changes in the bones of arthritis (long term use).

• Analgesic, antipyretic and anxiolytic.


Ortho Nil Powder Dosage

               Patient above 65Kg weight can consume twice a day and patient below 65Kg or a person having joint pain of moderate or low degree can take once a day after meals. Please make sure to never consume this medicine empty stomach or do overdose of Ortho Nil powder by ingesting more than 2 pouches in 24 hours. Patient with medical conditions please consult your doctor.

You can also use this medicine if you have swelling in your joints. Also take one dose a day to overcome fatigue and lethargy.

Fake Ortho Nil Powder

Fake Ortho Nil Powder has been circulating in the market since past 2 years after COVID19 there are some Identifications you can use to identify Fake and Real Ortho Nil. Watch this video on YouTube second part is coming soon.

Please also read the warning and information published on the official website of the manufacturer Babaji Herbal. The manufacturer clearly states to not buy from amazon and flipkart and other unauthorized sellers. To buy safely under guidance of doctors book your order on swamiherbalayurveda.com Helpline 8006867681, for wholesale & business inquiry contact us.

Ortho Nil Powder Price from Authorized seller Swami Herbal Ayurveda

Ortho Nil Powder 50 Pouches Free Delivery

525 Rs

Ortho Nil Powder 100 Pouches Free Delivery

950 Rs

Ortho Nil Powder 200 Pouches Free Delivery

1800 Rs


Ortho Nil Powder Original Stock  Side effects

There has been no information about the disadvantages and side effects of Original Ortho Nil Powder. Indigestion can be a problem if taken in excess, to avoid this, always take the dosage prescribed by the doctor. You can also watch this YouTube video on side effects of Ortho Nil Powder.


FAQ’s on Ortho Nil Powder

·      MRP of Ortho Nil Powder in 2023

17 Rs per sachet

·      Ortho Nil Powder certifications?

GMP, Fassai, ISO and AYUSH license.

·      Official website of Ortho Nil Powder manufacturer Babaji Herbals Pharmacy

Official website of Ortho Nil Powder manufacturer is BabajiHerbal.com

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